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200-300 euro fine if you refuse to provide documents during registration

From April 1 to 21 this year, the census will be held in Northern Macedonia. The draft law on registration was approved yesterday in the Assembly, while this draft law contains a total of 55 articles and rules on how it should be organized, reports Zhurnal.

The journal in the interest of citizens has researched articles on what the law provides if citizens refuse or provide inaccurate data during registration.

Article 48 of this law provides for a fine of 200 to 300 euros if a natural person as a participant in the census, illegally provides data from the census and does not act according to the rules for the implementation of the census.

According to Article 49, whoever destroys, conceals, damages, improves or otherwise causes the data from the application to not be used, shall be punished by imprisonment of at least three years.

If this is done by an official during registration, he will be sentenced to imprisonment of at least five years.

According to Article 51, a fine of 200 to 300 euros is also imposed on a natural person who refuses to provide the data required during registration, or provides incorrect data.

Natural persons are obliged to provide accurate information and to submit a document for the same. For persons who are absent from home, ie at that moment are not present there, the data is given by an adult family member, while for children up to the age of 15, the documents are presented by one of the parents or guardian. The documents are submitted by the owner of the house, or anyone raised by the family.

Registration will be done with laptops. Registration will be in seven languages: Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Roma, Vlach, Serbian and Bosnian. This depends on the registrar or the person being registered.//

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