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Albanian Justice Minister Welcomes Constitutional Court Functionality

The Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj considered the functionality of the Constitutional Court as a big step.

Through a Facebook post, Gjonaj wrote that this step is in advancing the reforms and fulfilling the conditions for the opening of negotiations with the EU.

“We end this year with very good news for the concretization of the results of the Justice Reform! The Constitutional Court is already functional with 6 members! A significant step forward that serves Albania in advancing reforms, but at the same time meets all the priorities set for EU membership negotiations. Thanks to the EU and the US for their unwavering support “

The president on Wednesday decreed the sixth member of the Constitutional Court, Përparim Kalo. The Constitutional Court already has the necessary quorum to make decisions.

Some of the matters the Court will consider include the validity of the 30 June local elections, the demolition of the National Theatre, and blanket bans on protests, political activities, and rallies.

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