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Buckovski: We have done more than Bulgaria, to remain reasonable and rational

Former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski told Sitel Television that we have done much more than Bulgaria, but we are aware that they are part of the club, and we want to get there. According to him, we are now in an unequal position, but our determination and patience should be a feature of the Macedonian Government.

Buckovski said that in the past few days he was in Sofia and had a close opportunity to talk about the blockade.

“Statements of Zoran Zaev, as mayor of Strumica, are also being broadcast in Bulgaria, who has stated that what he writes in some monuments is sometimes hindered by the Bulgarian fascist occupier. We need to see if it is true that over the past years we have 15 to 20 monuments in which the word ‘Bulgarian’ has been deleted, to give encouragement in the spirit of the Cooperation Agreement and not to label it to all Bulgarians. We Macedonians forget that the Communist Party, which created the Anti-Fascist Movement, which brought us victory, freedom, KAÇPM, from 1934 until the formation of the first partisan detachments was strongly assisted by the Communist Party of Bulgaria. In 2005 we rehabilitated Metodija Shatorov Sharlon. Karakachanov also mentions rehabilitation constantly. In 2005 we have the Law on Compensation to the Oppressed by the Communist Regime. In 2006, when the speaker in the parliament was Ljupco Jordanovski, on the proposal of Stojan Andov, we have a Resolution adopted according to the Resolution of the Council of Europe, it is for the condemnation of injustices by communism. It can cover us in that part mentioned by the Bulgarians. “Or they accuse us of not taking care of all their cemeteries from the First World War, which are mentioned, for example in Novo Selo”, said Buckovski.

According to him, even in the part of Corridor 8 we have done more than Bulgaria.

“In the part of Corridor 8 we have done five times, while there is a possibility ten times more than Bulgaria. We do this constantly, while from that side we see nothing. In the part with hate speech it is not only the control of the media, there is a broader wording which they repeat – that for 30 years there has been hate speech against us against them. It bears no resemblance to a deputy prime minister like Karakachanov using such vocabulary. The Bulgarian authorities are aware that our politicians do not respond to their provocations, and it puts us in a position to be wise and rational, as we have done a lot, and to convey it to the public. “This is exactly what I said when I was a guest on a Bulgarian television,” he said

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