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Bulgaria: Serious Shortage of Medicines in the Pharmacies

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This claim was made by chairwoman of the Regional Pharmaceutical College in Plovdiv – Dimitria Staykova refuted the Minister of Health, who yesterday said that there was no problem with lack of drugs.

She described “The situation is like a war.” She commented on the words of the Minister of Health, according to whom there was no problem and the warehouses were full of medicines.

“I’m starting to think that we live in parallel Bulgaria, because everyone who speaks means some logic of the medicines supply process, which he knows, but we know and see every day what happens in the pharmacies.

Pharmacies receive medicines from licensed dealers because only they have valid permits. If we ask for 10 packages of products that we desperately need, we get at most two or three, and very often none,” explained Staykova.

She also shared the reason: “The quantity of consumption exceeds many times the possibility of the quantity that can be delivered. At first, this made us very angry, but given today’s situation, this may be the right decision, because people have tried in every way to stock up on everything available.

During war and epidemics there are no privileges.

She urged people to stop overdo it, because at the moment someone may need certain medicine urgently.

Regarding the minister’s claims that the warehouses are full, she said: “In the warehouses, the medicines that go for hospital treatment are monitored and checked on a daily basis, but they, and other items, are not the ones that are for pharmacies. There is definitely a shortage of medicines for pharmacies.

” Prescribed drugs are also not enough”, says Staykova. “Due to the fact that a large part of some medical products are used for the treatment of coronavirus, they are not available for other groups of patients for whom they were originally planned,” explained Staykova. Therefore, in the pharmacy where she works, there are no medicines for pregnant women to thin the blood for example.

“The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union has put forward a lot of questions in writing, but there is no answer yet.

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