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Bulgaria Will Receive More Pfizer Vaccines on 4 January

On January 4, another 20,000 of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines will arrive in Bulgaria. They will be delivered by plane to Sofia Airport and from there their distribution will begin for different regions of the country, said for “Hello Bulgaria” morning TV showChief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev. He added that in the coming months our country will receive 150,000 – 200,000 of these vaccines per month.

“Moderna vaccine follows on the heels of Pfizer’s. The exact delivery volumes will be clear when authorised for use in the European Union. After that, a few more vaccines will probably be approved,” said Kunchev.

“It will not be easy to manage the delivery of so many vaccines, but it will give people a choice about which vaccine to administer,” said Assoc. Prof. Kunchev.

He underscored that a massive information campaign on immunization has not yet started, as not enough vaccines for mass use are currently available.

According to the experts’ prognoses, the beginning of the end of the pandemic will be set when the number of vaccinated in Bulgaria reaches 2 million. Assoc. Prof. Kunchev is adamant that this will happen by the summer of 2021 if people continue to show willingness for immunization. “It is the only way to deal with this evil,” the specialist said.

With regard to loosening of the anti-epidemic measures, Kunchev said that before this happens, a full analysis of the situation in the first weeks of the current partial lockdown should be prepared. The expert is adamant that malls remain closed not to prevent people from shopping, but because these are places where close social contacts are unavoidable.

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