Campaign launched to save seven London music venues at risk of imminent closure

Seven London music venues are at imminent risk of permanent closure — and this is how you can help to save them.

Music Venue Trust (MVT), which has campaigned on behalf of grassroots music venues during the pandemic, has revealed a list of gig spots that could soon be forced to shut for good, unless they secure further support.

Each of the venues — Egg London in King’s Cross, The Lexington in Islington, Spiritual Bar in Camden, The Post Bar in Tottenham, Windmill Brixton, The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington and Alchemy in Croydon — were either deemed ineligible for financial aid as part of the Government-backed Culture Recovery Fund, or received less than they had applied for. They have all been placed on “red” alert as part of MVT’s new traffic light system.

Thirty “red” venues across the country are currently “at imminent danger of permanent closure”, while 273 venues are “amber” — meaning they are at risk of closure between now and March 31.  

353 venues are currently “green”, and considered financially safe until March 31.

A new round of crowdfunding in the  #saveourvenues campaign, which had previously generated more than £3m to help struggling venues, has been launched with a focus on the “red” venues.

Donations can be made to specific venues, with surplus money going towards other venues in crisis once individual fundraising targets are met.

A new range of exclusive merchandise will also be launched as part of the campaign.

MVT is “urging everyone who cares about these venues to write to their local MP, council, local charities, and anyone else they can think of to demand action to prevent them being closed for good”.

Mark Davyd, CEO of MVT said: “If people want these local venues to still be there when this is over there is a very clear call to action:  choose a venue, get donating, get writing, get calling, get organised.”

Some music venues in London had, in the last couple of weeks and months, been hosting gigs again after the first lockdown forced them to shut. However, this second round of restrictions means there will be no live music until early December, at least.

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