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Citizens are more interested in immunization after vaccination of 26 thousand people

The vaccine against Kovid-19 has so far been received by 26,014 citizens, according to the online platform, where citizens can be informed about vaccines, the process and stages of vaccination. 154,248 citizens have applied for vaccination on the website

The Minister of Health Venko Filipce yesterday stated that the vaccination in the country is going well, about 25,000 citizens have been vaccinated in the “Boris Trajkovski” hall, while today, as he stressed, the vaccination of employees in critical infrastructure, according to the national plan ends.

“From Wednesday, the remaining 20,000 Sputnik vaccines will be distributed according to age groups,” said Filipce.

He noted that vaccination with other Sputnik vaccines from today will be done in the same way as vaccination from the beginning with the Astra Zeneca vaccine, through vaccination points. Minister Filipçe appealed to all citizens to register on the vaccination website “” so that all data of registered citizens are entered in the system “My Term” and thus be recruited.

“Apart from this system, which is also valid, it is also through reporting to family doctors, who have the obligation to survey their patients, especially the elderly, who need to express interest in vaccination. So, from Wednesday, the vaccination throughout the country continues according to the age categories, how to get the vaccine, both systems will be completed “, added Filipçe.

Older citizens have priority, but also those who are part of the critical infrastructure.

As he pointed out, all those who have the highest risk and who practically participate in crisis management from the beginning, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Army, school staff, respectively teachers from first to third grade , MLSP in the part of kindergartens, caregivers and educators, then the judiciary, today is the group of employees in the Assembly, in technical services, and expects the interest of the President of the Assembly for the part of vaccination of deputies.

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