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Citizenship and economic antikovid injection, two imperatives without alternative

The country’s political leaders, namely Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the leaders of the Alternative and Alliance for Albanians, Afrim Gashi and Zijadin Sela, in a joint meeting, are expected today to harmonize positions on two issues which essentially contain the element of humanity, but by no means to live because of the obstacles that politics poses to them, and as such are holding each other hostage, writes

These are two draft laws, the fifth economic package and the law on citizenship, one proposed by the government and the other by the opposition, which have already become a “Gordian knot” that urgently requires a quick and permanent compromise between parties, because the delay is holding human fates hostage.

Thousands of hotel workers, employed in fitness centers and similar businesses, anxiously await what the meeting of political leaders will bring, but not from the perspective of the followers of political developments, but because this meeting is expected to result in unblocking the Assembly which will have to approve the fifth economic package which among other things provides for the wages of workers in the private sector in times of pandemic, which in fact determines their business future.

From here, the above data will have to serve as a guide for the political class rather than a time imperative to unlock the Assembly because already about 6000 employees in the textile sector have been forced to lay off, which threatens even the hotel sector which by a government decision remains closed at least until April 20, along with the gyms.

At the same time, the law on Citizenship includes the human aspect of treatment, as the lack of a citizen makes the citizen non-existent, disqualifies him from the labor market, while the lack of health insurance makes it impossible to access public health.

The US State Department has also spoken about the lack of citizenship, suggesting that the issue should not be ignored. In a published report, the DASH refers to various figures released by the UNHCR, the government and the opposition, however, stresses that the country does not have mechanisms to detect stateless people and protect them.

Consequently, anti-cash economic injection and citizenship law are two imperatives that do not require compromise, in the sense that proposers should not negotiate a possible exclusion from the negotiating agenda at all, but that both seek to reach a compromise that will automatically resolve two issues simultaneously.

Zaev’s meeting with the Albanian opposition is expected with a lot of optimism, although days ago a source within the coalition was not so optimistic for a final epilogue from today’s meeting.

“In principle, the government will propose solutions to the current law with new temporary provisions, which would be valid for at least 6 months, in order to include in this time those citizens who are in the country and are stateless. These transitional provisions would also include most of the amendments to the draft law of the AAA ASH coalition. But in essence, the AAA-ASH coalition will be persistent for long-term legal solutions, and not with transitional provisions which will expire for a short time “, said the source within the Albanian opposition coalition.

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