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Covid 19 / The situation improves

Almost all epidemiological parameters according to which the situation with the epidemic is assessed show a declining trend, ie an increase in the number of cured cases, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday.

In the report of the Institute of Public Health for the period from 11 to 17 January, the percentage of positive cases of the tested is 16 percent, compared to mid-December (IPH report for the period from 14 to 20 December 2020) is a decrease of 13.3 percent, when the percentage was 29.3 percent.

In the same December report, the number of new cases of Kovid-19 in one week was 4,585, while in the IPH report for the previous week this number reaches 2,397, which shows a decrease of 48 percent. For the same period the number of deaths per week has almost halved, while the number of cured patients has increased significantly.

According to yesterday’s daily statistics, the number of active cases is 11,924. Compared to the same date in December when the number is 21,979, the number of active cases has decreased by 46 percent.

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