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Daily: Kosovo to file genocide charges against Serbia; Belgrade: Science Fiction

A spokesperson for Kosovo Government Rozafa Kelmendi said late on Monday the genocide charges against Serbia would be filed to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) before the end of 2022, adding such a move needed thorough preparation.

„We don’t have a precise date for the finalisation of the process of drafting it nor the date of filing it, but we are sure that cannot be done before the end of the next year,“ she told Pristina Koha daily.

Commenting on Pristina’s announced genocide charges, the deputy head of Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo Igor Popovic said, „that exists only in their heads, and in the legal sense such an option does not exist even in theory.“

He added it was a provocation and „buying time,“ since even „in Pristina, they know that such a science-fiction scenario is impossible and legally void. “

Prime Minister Albin Kurti announced the move in his inaugural speech to the Parliament a month ago.

„We believe a genocide was committed in Kosovo, and we’ll try to prove it,“ Kelmendi said, adding the process was complex.

„The lawsuit against Serbia for genocide is long, complex and very sensitive, and time is needed for that,“ she added.

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