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Danilovski: There is nothing we can do about the virus if we are vaccinated at this rate

Dr. Dragan Danilovski emphasized that if the vaccination process takes place at a slow pace, the virus will be given a double chance to spread. According to him, there is a risk that the virus will be created in other species and be open to the antibodies that the vaccine creates, but also the natural immunity. Then, according to him, we will face an endless horror, informs Zhurnal.

According to him, to end the pandemic, even 85% of the inhabitants must be immune to the virus.

“Some percentages say we are naturally immunized, around 60%. In order to extinguish the epidemic in our country, we would have to be 75 to 80% immune. “Whether naturally or artificially with vaccines”, says for Drafa, professor Dragan Danilovski.

He says more people should be vaccinated as soon as possible, because only then would we not give the virus a chance to spread.

“If vaccination continues at this rate, even though I see that the number of vaccinated people is increasing every day, around 1842 doses per day, it would take 4.6 years. This is a tough math. I would appeal to the authorities to accelerate this pace up to ten times “, declared Professor Danilovski.//

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