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Democratic Bulgaria Ready to Support Government Without Own Ministers in It

Co-chairman of Democratic Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov declared that the party would support a “cabinet of change”, even if they have no ministers in it.

He added that Slavi Trifonov’s party “There is such a people” have the responsibility for forming such a government. Ivanov said they are in constant contact with the party in parliament, but no talks have been held on a government.

In response to a question, the co-chairman of the DB said that with 27 deputies his coalition could not get the third mandate to form a government.

Hristo Ivanov confirmed that he will not even go to talks with GERB to support the government of Daniel Mitov.

“Borissov is trying to become [Mehmet] Dogan. Daniel Mitov is a “straw man”, fake figure, he is used to put up a facade. We are looking for a program for change in the management style of GERB, and even with him as prime minister, there can be no such program,” Ivanov argued.

At the moment it is clear that GERB will not seek support for its cabinet from MRF and BSP. “There is a such a people” and “Stand up! Thugs out!” said they would not vote for the government with Prime Minister Daniel Mitov.

Thus, GERB remains in complete isolation.

Regarding Boyko Borissov’s accusations that Democratic Bulgaria and the MRF jointly carried out the “Rosenetz operation” in the summer, Ivanov called on GERB party deputies to support the constitution of a parliamentary commission to investigate the whole case so they can “prove their insane claims”.

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