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Dimitrov: We are not clear whether the EU is serious with us

Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, in a statement to Der Standard from Austria, said that the Macedonian Government will try to stop despair and nationalism after the Bulgarian veto, and as he adds, will focus on friendship with countries from EU, informs the Journal.

“If our accession process became so much a bilateral problem that discussions on history would become more important than the fight against corruption, the independence of the judiciary, the functioning of democratic institutions, freedom of the media, the energy circle, then this is not a process. which Europeanizes, but which process Balkanizes. “For this we need a reform agenda with a network of friends who are here to help us and we need to set clear goals and work on them,” said Dimitrov.

He recalled that our country was the first in the region to sign a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU, and we have had candidate status for 15 years.

“At first we were blocked by Greece, but we solved this problem. France then set up a methodology for enlargement and now has a new problem with Bulgaria. It is really difficult to understand whether the EU is serious with us. In March of this year we still had the green light from the EU Council, and Bulgaria was part of this consensus. Then in October, we received a very positive report from the EC. “In terms of political criteria, we are on average advanced even compared to those countries that have been negotiating for several years,” he added.

Dimitrov said that talks with Sofia would continue, but that they would not negotiate about who we are and what language we speak.

“This is part of a historic process, not a political decision. We owe our people the protection of dignity and identity. “And if Sofia does not withdraw, we will have to find new ways of how we will Europeanize our country,” Dimitrov said.

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