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Efforts to find a solution between Skopje and Sofia continue

The Bulgarian demands are contrary to European values ​​and go beyond the framework of the Good Neighbor Agreement. But Northern Macedonia will continue to seek wise solutions to overcome differences. However, negotiations on language and identity will not take place.

This summarizes yesterday’s reactions to the Bulgarian veto and the events in the Skopje-Sofia relationship.

The Macedonian side still thinks that there is a possibility to hold the first intergovernmental conference under the chairmanship of Germany with the EU, if this period is used productively.

According to Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva, support from Bulgaria has never been unconditional.

She denied that Bulgaria had been under pressure from Germany to give up on the negotiating framework.

As for the Council of Ambassadors in Macedonia, the Bulgarian veto is an unprecedented act. According to them, good neighborly relations cannot be developed by denying the past of peoples.

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