Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan and Christopher Walken attempt Irish accents in trailer for film Wild Mountain Thyme

The trailer for upcoming rom-com Wild Mountain Thyme has arrived and, well… it has a lot of accents in it.

The film stars Emily BluntJamie Dornan, Jon Hamm and Christopher Walken. The plot follows two Irish farms, with various wranglings over who should inherit one of them, and the emergence of a transatlantic love triangle.

Quite frankly, that’s about as much as we could gather because, much like the rest of Twitter, we were completely enthralled by the actors’ accents.

“It appears we have some new voices to add to the ‘worst Irish accents’ list,” wrote one aghast commenter, with another adding: “This a crime against Irish accents and one of the people in the film is Irish.”

Another person tweeted a comparison to the Netflix comedy Emily In Paris, which has raised more than few eyebrows for its Americanised depiction of the French city and its inhabitants.

Meanwhile, others were less concerned by the accents and more the costume design — which seems to be a mix of modern day and period drama.

The film is based on an adaptation of the Broadway play Outside Mullingar, which made its initial run back in 2014. John Patrick Shanley, who wrote the play, is also at the helm of this movie, which is set to arrive on December 11.

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