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European Parliament dissatisfied with the blockade of Northern Macedonia

The European Parliament considers that yesterday’s blockade by Bulgaria for the start of negotiations with Northern Macedonia hinders reconciliation in the entire region, reports Dailynews.mk

Ilhan Kucuk, Rapporteur for Northern Macedonia, and Andreas Shajnder, Head of the European Parliament Delegation for Northern Macedonia, issued a joint statement calling for a decision to start negotiations without further delay.

“The failure of foreign ministers to adopt the negotiating framework for northern Macedonia by postponing EU membership negotiations jeopardizes the EU’s credibility in the Western Balkans,” MEPs said in a joint statement from the European Parliament.

They seek to prioritize the European issue over the unilateral interests of member states.

The European Parliament considers that the inability to reach a compromise stems from Bulgaria’s veto and thus jeopardizes the entire reconciliation of the region.

“We recognize the progress made by Skopje in the fundamental democratic and economic reforms and call on all parties to continue the constructive dialogue based on good neighborly relations and the implementation of the neighborhood agreement, in line with an objective EU accession process. based on merit “, says the European Parliament, adding that the first intergovernmental conference should be held until the end of this year to show that this dialogue brings results.//dailynews.mk

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