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Every third citizen has antibodies to covid-19

Every third citizen in the country, possesses antibodies to the covid-19 virus, speak the data published by the institute for Immunobiology, after having previously made an analysis in the past two weeks in Skopje, reports

As it is known, the analysis was performed on over a thousand passers-by in six different locations in Skopje, in the neighborhoods Karposh and Aerodrom, in the shopping center “Mavrovasja”, in the City Park and on the road Makedonija together with the town square. .

During the analysis, it was taken into account that the persons are not from the same family, while the samples taken are from persons from different groups and ages.

“Data processing shows that 31 percent of people analyzed have antibodies, which means that every third citizen has been exposed to covid-19. During the analysis, samples were taken from people who knew they were infected with the virus, but also from people who did not know if they were infected “, said the director of the Institute of Immunobiology, Aleksandar Petlickovski.

According to him, the results show that the country is halfway to creating collective immunity, which in turn requires at least 60 percent of the population to have been affected by the disease.

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