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Health Minister: 29,837 Total COVID-19 Cases, Figures Come Direct From Institutions

There are currently 14,975 active cases of COVID-19 in Albania. The total number of identified and confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic is 29,837.

These numbers were given today by Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu in a press conference.

She said there are 420 hospitalised patients and that hospitals still have a maximum of 20% capacity free. The Minister asked that people cooperate with measures and precautions to help reduce transmission.

In terms of the reported numbers, she said they are based on data from public institutions.

“Reports regarding fatalities are daily reports from hospitals. From the first moment until today, daily cases of deaths, recoveries, and infections have been reported.

The reports come officially from hospital structures and they are the only ones structured to assess the cause of loss of life.”

Her comments come after statements from commentators that the government is not being transparent regarding the number of deaths and cases.

It is known that the number of confirmed infections is lower than actual cases. The government is not conducting widespread testing and many with symptoms who remain at home are not tested by the state. The government does not count the results of tests done in private hospitals. Therefore the number of confirmed cases is just in relation to the number of tests the government has carried out.

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