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Hoxhaj: PDK cannot think now about election of new president

Enver Hoxhaj, acting leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), told a press conference in Prishtina on Tuesday that Kosovo is going through a drama and that at this point this party cannot think about the post of Kosovo President.

“We are going through a drama and this drama started on Friday for Kosovo above all, but for the PDK too. At this point, we neither can nor want to think about the way in which the President of Kosovo will be elected,” he said.

“What we expect, as a serious political party, in this political drama is for the majority in parliament to be clear on how the process of electing the president should be conducted. But we don’t have this topic on the table, and it is not our primary concern who has announced their candidacy for the post of president.”

Asked about the position of the PDK on the dialogue with Serbia, Hoxhaj said their position is clear. “The dialogue is a process led by the Government of Kosovo and it is up to the partners of the ruling coalition to review their positions in the process,” he said. “The dialogue must not be a process, but rather an event that concludes with mutual recognition.”

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