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Hungary Recognizes Albanian COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates

Hungary has agreed to recognize Albania’s COVID-19 immunization documents. Albanian and Hungarian citizens who hold digital vaccine certificates will be allowed to travel freely between the two countries. This agreement will enter into force on June 10, as notified by the Albanian Embassy in Hungary.

The agreement on the mutual recognition of vaccines certificates was signed on Monday by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Albanian counterpart, Edi Rama.

Hungary became the first European Union country to recognize vaccines administered in Albania, including Russian and Chinese vaccines. Visitors to both countries will not be subject to pandemic restrictions.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament gave each EU member country the right to decide individually whether to allow people vaccinated with Russian Sputnik V or Chinese Sinovac to move freely, i.e., be exempt from COVID-19 travel restrictions. However, the Chinese and Russian vaccines have yet to be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

France has also lifted travel restrictions for those Albanian citizens who have been vaccinated with vaccines approved by the EMA, including Pfizer and AstraZenca. Travelers arriving in France from Albania must be equipped with a vaccination certificate and a PCR test.

Those vaccinated in Albania can obtain a digital immunization certificate through the online platform e-Albania, after receiving their second dose.

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