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Jankulovska: Nothing was discussed in the party on the day of the violence in the Assembly

Former Minister of Interior, Gordana Jankulovska testified today about the attack of April 27, 2017 in the Assembly.

Jankulovska emphasized that the decision of the party bodies regarding the protests is not known to her, informs Zhurnal.

“I am not aware of these decisions when I participated in the hearings, while I did not notice such a decision from the minutes,” said Jankulovska.

Asked by the defense of the accused what she did on April 27, she said that she was in her office in the party, while close to her, was also the office of Mile Janakievski.

“With Mile several times during the day we ate and drank and talked about topics in our interest, nothing unusual happened at the party”, Gordana Jankulovska testified.

Jankulovska again said that the party has never formally spoken out and has not taken a stand on the protests, but said that sometimes together they followed the news on TV and commented on statements of various individuals.

“April 27 left traces in all of us, I left the party at 17:00 and went home, prepared dinner and on TV I saw what was happening, then a TV broadcast live inside the Assembly,” said Jankulovska.

Asked if she had any communication with Spiro Ristovski on April 27, Jankulovska denied such a thing.

There were 17 witnesses summoned to court today, in the “April 27” case.

Witness Gordana Jankulovska is arrested in Idrizovo prison, where she has to serve a prison sentence for buying a luxury Mercedes.//

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