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Kalfin: Relations between Sofia and Skopje need to be built very quickly on a new basis

Former Bulgarian Foreign Minister and former MEP Ivaylo Kalfin, in an interview with the Bulgarian portal “Fokus”, says that Bulgaria must soon build relations with Northern Macedonia on a new basis. He says Sofia should not have used the “heavy weapon” – blocking Skopje.

“Blocking negotiations, no matter how much we call it postponement, suspension, etc., is in practice a very serious weapon used by Bulgaria. Not only in diplomacy, it is good to show that there are heavy weapons, but not to use them. The point is that we have already used it and this is to the great joy of all those who do not want to see Skopje as a member of the European Union, who do not want to see good bilateral relations, in general they got food for “their anti-Bulgarian campaign for years to come.”

According to him, Bulgaria should now take measures to get out of the situation with which it has isolated itself in the EU.

Kalfin proposes to build relations with Skopje on a new basis and according to him this should happen very soon.

“What needs to be done is to build relationships, absolutely on a new basis, and that needs to happen very quickly. I noticed the statement that Germany would intervene as chair of the EU Council to help solve the problems. First, Bulgaria must formulate very clearly what our problems are and what the conditions are for that. About a month ago, we informed our European partners with a long memorandum that contains more emotions, stories konk than concrete and reasonable demands. So the first thing we need is to clearly formulate what we want. “This is not an easy task, given that we in Bulgaria do not hear a clear position from the government, let alone from our partners,” Kalfin said.

The second thing that Bulgaria should do, according to him, is to immediately start talks at the political level to get out of this situation.

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