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Kosovo’s Acting President Didn’t Notice Rama Didn’t Attend her Speech

The Acting President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani stated that she did not notice that Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama was not present when she addressed parliament members in Tirana on Thursday.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, Osmani said that she was not aware.

“I truly did not notice that, and I have not read any media, but now I know,” she said.

On Thursday Osmani held a meeting with Rama which was closed to the media. She said that Mini- Schengen was one of the topics they discussed, as well as her request for a resolution to be approved by the Albanian Parliament on Serbia’s genocide in Kosovo.

“I told him what I said publicly, I told him at previous meetings also. In order for a regional initiative to be successful, it should be initiated from all countries. We demand inclusion and consultation of Kosovo before moving forward. We asked for details about the agreement,” Osmani said.

Prime Minister Rama, on the other side, posted only one picture from the meeting with the Acting President of Kosovo, by not giving any answer on her requests.

Kosovo’s Acting President Vjosa Osmani has called on the Albanian Parliament to adopt a resolution condemning the Serbian genocide against Albanians during the Kosovo war.

The same request on adopting a resolution which condemns the Serbian genocide against Albanians during the Kosovo war, Osmani presented to the Albanian President, Ilir Meta on Wednesday, whom she also thanked for his firm stance against changes to Kosovo borders.

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