London Grammar singer Hannah Reid tells of her ‘constant battle’ with a male-dominated music industry

London Grammar singer Hannah Reid has spoken of her “constant battle” with a male-dominated music industry and being “the only female in the room”.

The London-born star, 31, shot to fame a decade ago as the frontwoman of the three-piece band known for hits Let Me Lose My Mind and Reckless, alongside bandmates Dan Rothman and Dominic Major.

In the latest edition of Red Bulletin, the singer said surviving in the music business required “strong boundaries and a thick skin”.

She said she had consciously taken on a leadership role in the industry, adding: “If people don’t respect me as a leader, they won’t respect me at all. Because I’ve had such difficulty sometimes being the only female in the room, I was like, ‘If you guys support me in that way, I don’t think people can take advantage of us.’”

She continued: “It’s an industry where you do have to have quite strong boundaries and a thick skin. It’s a constant battle.”

Reid credited younger female artists such as Arlo Parks and Billie Eilish for “leading the way” and helping her have the confidence to produce authentic music.

“I love any art that’s made by women and is about being empowered,” she said. “The younger generation of female artists who are leading the way, like Arlo Parks and Billie Eilish – women who are quite a lot younger than me – have helped me. You can see it in them having control over their careers and saying everything they want to say.”

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