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Pacolli calls on Rama to lead national effort against Marty report

New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) leader Behgjet Pacolli called on Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to lead a nation-wide effort to oppose by diplomatic means Dick Marty’s report.

Pacolli said in his letter that the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania must jointly lead an information and diplomatic campaign against the impunity of Serbia’s war crimes in Kosovo.

Pacolli argued that Dick Marty’s report was a result of misinformation and a political campaign sponsored by Russia and Serbia to attack Kosovo’s independence and the Kosovo Liberation Army. “The indictment against President Thaci and the others did not include any part from Dick Marty’s report, so the report was refuted by a judicial institution and this shows that the report was a political tool by Russia and Serbia to attack Kosovo,” he wrote.

Pacolli called for diplomatic efforts led by Albania to oppose “the fabricated Dick Marty report in the Council of Europe, and would also address demands to investigate Serbia’s war crimes in Kosovo, most notably the concealing of bodies of missing persons”.

“Our nation, history, and fight for liberation and independence are under attack. We need to respond together and be unified. We cannot agree for a Court created by the Kosovo Assembly to offer amnesty for Serbia’s war crimes in Kosovo and to change the historical narration of our country according to the language and mindset of Serbian prosecutors,” Pacolli said.

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