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Pendarovski: Bulgarian “strong positions” will remain even after the elections in April

President Stevo Pendarovski does not expect a change in Sofia’s position on Skopje after the April 4th elections in Bulgaria. In an interview with TV Klan last night, the head of state said that unfortunately the news from Bulgaria speaks of “tough stances of the opposition and the government towards our country, so whoever comes after the elections will not have a significant change”.

However, he hopes that with the help of, as he stressed, “our European friends in Brussels will find a wording that will not deny our fundamental right to how we feel and declare and thus we will be able to start negotiations with the EU. ”.

Asked about Sofia’s positions on the identity, language and existence of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, Pendarovski said no requirements related to self-determination should be entered.

“Their thesis is that we should give up efforts to install a Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. The number one principle in international relations, especially after 1945, is not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. Therefore, we should not and do not want to interfere in the internal order of Bulgaria. But if someone individually declares himself Macedonian and seeks justice in the Council of Europe or other human rights organizations, it does not mean that someone from Skopje instructed him and paid him. We have people who declare themselves as Macedonians in Greece as well. “In the Prespa Agreement, we do not give up on them,” Pendarovski said.

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