Sir Elton John releases ‘lost’ first album recorded when he was 19

Sir Elton John has released his first “lost” album of songs that he recorded when he was ust 19 years old.

His first record, Regimental Sgt Zippo, was described on Friday by Sir Elton as “the album that never was”.

In 1968, the then unknown teenager had just begun writing songs with now Bernie Taupin, who became a long-time collaborator. He had also just signed to Dick James Music publishing.

Regimental Sgt Zippo was the first recording of his record deal and includes tracks including Tartan Coloured Lady and A Dandelion Dies In The Wind.

The song was recorded at Dick James Studios in central London in late 1967, early 1968.

But it was shelved after executives thought it wasn’t strong enough.

The limited edition record will be sold on vinyl to mark Record Store Day – an annual event to highlight the importance of the UK’s independent record shops.

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