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SYRIZA demands activation of the friendship group North Macedonia – Greece

SYRIZA MPs demand the activation of the parliamentary friendship group between Northern Macedonia and Greece and the holding of thematic meetings in areas of greatest interest to the two neighboring countries in a letter addressed to the chairman of the concrete group, New Democracy MP George Vlahos and up to the Speaker of the Greek Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoullas, reports the MIA correspondent from Athens.

The letter is from the deputy chairman of the North Macedonia-Greece friendship group, SYRIZA MP Nikos Papas and former Greek Foreign Minister George Katrugalos, who is also in charge of foreign policy in the opposition party, and was signed by a total of 17 SYRIZA deputies, members of the friendship group between the two countries.

In order to further strengthen the essential cooperation between the two countries, we urge you to take initiatives to strengthen diplomatic and parliamentary relations between Greece and Northern Macedonia, and we urge the immediate “activation” of the friendship group and the holding of meetings. thematic in the areas of greatest interest for the two neighboring countries “, write deputies from SYRIZA in the letter and add that they will support any kind of initiative.

The friendship group was established in March last year, but so far no meeting has been held, although, as SYRIZA MPs write, the Prespa Agreement “opens a new chapter in diplomacy, foreign policy and economic cooperation. between two countries ”.

“This new reality has already been accepted by the Government of New Democracy, which says that it guarantees and respects the Prespa Agreement, claims that it must be fully respected and the Government itself recognizes the great and numerous benefits that arise for our country from the implementation of this historic agreement “, write in the letter the deputies from SYRIZA, MIA reports.

The Macedonia-Greece Friendship Group has 23 members in the Greek Parliament, including a chairman, a deputy speaker and a secretary.

The chairman is the deputy of New Democracy, Jorgos Vlahos, his deputy chairman is Nikos Papas from SYRIZA and the secretary is the deputy of the Communist Party, Ioannis Delis.

Meanwhile, the other 20 members are 15 deputies from SYRIZA and five from New Democracy.

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