‘Take risks now and to do something bold’: Elon Musk

Speaking at the USC Marshall School of Business, entrepreneur Elon Musk stressed the importance of working hard. “[W]ork hard, like, every waking hour. That’s the thing I would say, particularly if you’re starting a company. And I mean, if you do the simple math, you say like somebody else is working 50 hours a week and you’re working 100, you’ll get twice as done, as much done, in the course of the year as the other company,” he said.

He continued, “Focus on signal over noise. A lot of companies get confused.”

“The final thing I would encourage you to do is now is the time to take risks. You don’t have kids, you’re obligations, well! Some of you… Hahaha, you probably don’t have kids. But as you get older, your obligations start to increase. So, and, once you have a family, you start taking risks not just for yourself, but for your family as well. It gets harder to do things that might not work out. So now is the time to do that. Before you have those obligations.”

“So I would encourage you to take risks now and to do something bold. You won’t regret it,” he said in conclusion.

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