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Von der Lajen: EU vaccine for the Balkans “as soon as possible”

The President of the European Commission, Ursula Fond der Lajen, did not give a concrete deadline when the Western Balkans can wait for vaccines through the EU or through the Kovaks mechanism, reports

Asked if he could clearly indicate when the promised vaccines will arrive in the region, Ursula Fon der Lajen replied that this would happen “as soon as possible” and assured that solidarity with the countries the third remains a priority for the EU.

The Kovacs mechanism, which aims to help low- and middle-income countries get the vaccines they need, even though it receives more funding from the EU, is not yet operational. Due to this, the European Commission is committed to establishing a second mechanism for sharing vaccines with third countries, including the Western Balkans, but even for this mechanism there is no concrete deadline for submitting the necessary vaccines outside the EU.

“It is clear that it is complicated for the Caucasus to supply vaccines, so we are setting up a new route through the EU dosing mechanism through EU member states, which can then donate to third countries such as the countries of the Western Balkans for example, ”said Fon der Lajen.

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