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Vučić: Serbia and Croatia Need Good Relations Despite Difficult Past

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said on Sunday that comments on social networks about the film “Dara of Jasenovac”, in which people from Croatia and Serbia argue about the film, showed that neither side had gotten over the past but he noted that Serbia needs to have good relations with Croatia.

“Neither they nor we have gotten over 1991 or 1995,” Vučić said in an interview with the pro-government Pink TV.

He announced that Predrag Antonijević, who directed the film, and Nataša Drakulić, who wrote the screenplay, would be decorated on Monday, on the occasion of Statehood Day.

The plight of the Serb people under the Ustasha regime was horrible, he said, adding that despite the undeniable crimes, Serbia should have good relations with Croatia.

“We need good relations with Croatia, but one must not forget what Serbs say was 100,000 victims or what Croats say were tens of thousands of victims. That many victims must not be forgotten,” he said.

Vučić said “Dara of Jasenovac” was commented on by people who did not watch the film, announcing that it would be premiered on Serbian Radio-Television on February 20.

The film, a story of the plight of Serbs in the concentration camp of Jasenovac in the WWII Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia, was the Serbian candidate for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film but was not shortlisted.

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