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We can’t force the Macedonians into liking us, Bulgarian historian warns

Bulgarian historian Kiril Cukanov condemned the decision of the Bulgarian Government to use the EU accession process and try to pressure Macedonia into making concessions on key historic and national identity issues.

We can’t be force them to be our brothers. You can’t force love. If we want our brothers and sisters in Macedonia to be equal with us, we need to treat them as equals, not as little children, Cukanov said, adding that the position of Sofia will weaken Bulgarian national interests.

The dispute and the threat of veto from Bulgaria against Macedonia’s EU accession talks has badly deteriorated the otherwise warm relations between the people and has led to outpours of anger, on both sides, over the social media, as well as from Bulgarian politicians who have even “offered” to send the military and remove monuments in Macedonia which they find offensive.

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