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Why patients in public health institutions are not given therapies available in private clinics?

Even after nine months of the corona crisis, Filipce seems  to not realize what is happening. According to yesterday’s report of the Ministry of Health, 1,238 families are wrapped in black. Is Filipce aware that this is not just a number, but human lives, VMRO-DPMNE said on Friday.

Filipce’s grim records in the last two weeks put Macedonia in the high fifth place out of a total of 33 European countries according to COVID-19 mortality rate per 100 thousand inhabitants. The focus of the incompetent Filipce is his businesses and the businesses of Zaev who leads the government. In the meantime, there is no therapy for the citizens, no conditions for treatment. We ask why the patients in the public health institutions are not given the therapies available in the private clinics for money? asks VMRO-DPMNE.

The party also asks why citizens collect donations via Facebook so that they can get treatment in private clinics?

Filipce has not had answers for anything for nine months. That is why Filipce should leave the minister position. Filipce, it is time for responsibility!, said the opposition party.

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